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Tip-Seal, No-Drip and Snuf-Bak Dispense Valves
for Adhesives, Sealants, Lubricants and more

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Sealant Equipment has over 675 1-part dispense valves and 2-part mix-dispense valves for your adhesive, sealant and lubrication dispensing applications.

We also have the ability to engineer and manufacture a custom valve for certain dispensing applications.

To ensure the best dispensing quality for your products it is important to have the right dispense valve and valve accessories in your existing or new dispensing system.

Adhesive Equipment Valves
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No-Drip Snuf-Bak Tip-Seal

Featured Valve
1270-857 Valve

Animation Animation Animation 1270-857 Valve

Dispense Valve Selection Guide

Snuf-Bak Valves Tip-Seal Valves
Snuf-Bak Valves Tip-Seal Valves
No-Drip Kiss Valves No-Drip Valves
No-Drip Kiss Valves No-Drip Valves
2-Part Mix Valves Mixers and Shrouds
2-Part Mix Valves Mixers and Shrouds
Fluid Control Valves, Metering Valves, Pressure Regulators
Fluid Control Valves Metering Valves Pressure Regulators
Nozzles and Tips, Plastic Nozzles, Needle Nozzles
Nozzles and Tips Plastic Nozzles Needle Nozzles
Automotive Applicators
Automotive Applicators



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